First release 2018

The first release for #FBL in 2018. A young #swan was rescued in #bardolino just after New Year.
The young male is from a group of four, he had lesions on his neck and feet, probably from fighting with his siblings.

The birds have been looking for food inside the town on the lake and this is seen to cause disruption with people who may be afraid of the birds.
This behaviour and also the increase in the number of swans on the lake is partly due to the tourists feeding the swans during the summer time. They become used to the amount of food and then when the tourists are away they look to the local people to feed them.

It is really important not to feed swans in this way and changed their natural behaviour patterns.

#ilfuturodellabiodiversita #fbl #lipu#conservation #Education #logic#dotherightthing #greenteenteam 🦉🙌✨💚✨🕊️✨🐝✨🦆✨🐦✨🦅✨🦇✨♻️✨👌IMG-20180122-WA0009

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