Buzzard release, April 2018

Il Futuro della Biodiversita Locale released a rescued and rehabilitated buzzard in Nogara, Italy 🇮🇹 with the local primary school!
The common buzzard is a medium sized raptor, found across Europe, Asia, and in winter months Africa.
Their large size and brown colouration often gets them confused with other species, mostly with the golden eagle, and the red kite.
From a distance they may appear the same, but the buzzard has a distinctive flying shape, with broad wings and a fanned tail, and a very distinctive call, which sounds like the mewing of a cat 🐱

Distribution 🌍 Europe and parts of Asia, wintering in Asia, and northern Africa
Habitat 🌲🌳🌲🌳 Woodland, heath, moor and farmland
Height 📏 46 – 58cm in length
Weight ⚖️ 400 – 1400g
Lifespan 📈 Wild up to 25 years, in captivity up to 30 years
Threats ☠️ Habitat loss, decline of prey, and pesticide poisoning
@woburn_safari for the information 💡🙏

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